Fibre Requirements at the Different Life Stages


Use "Age +5" and "Age +10" as a Guide to Children's Fibre requirements.

To calculate the daily fibre requirement for children over 2 years old, use their current age (in years) + 5. For example, a 6 year old child (+ 5) requires 11 grams of fibre per day. This is based on the amount of fibre needed to help for normal laxation and to reduce blood cholesterol as observed in countries with low levels of colon cancer.


Experts say that adults should have between 25 – 30 g of fibre per day, yet only half of South Africans meet this recommendation.10


How Pregnancy Affects Digestive Health

Women often complain of digestive problems during pregnancy.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Including the right amount of fibre in your diet and drinking enough fluids could remedy discomforts one may experience when pregnant.

How To Feel More Comfortable When You're Pregnant

Everyone will tell you this but the next 9 months of your life should really be a time that you take things slowly, look after yourself and make good choices for yourself and your baby.


Many older people have special nutrition requirements due to the fact that ageing affects the way the body absorbs, uses and excretes nutrients.

No matter your age, it's always good to take in nutrient-dense foods as part of a healthy diet. To increase fibre intake and help prevent and relieve constipation, make sure that your diet contains high in fibre breakfast cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits.